19 June, 2005

One for Joe

So What's So Special About Newcastle United?
Now, this may seem like an easy question, but, I'll tell you what's so special about Newcastle United.

What's so special about them is the fact that they have the most incompetent board in the Premier league, the most incompetent manager, and the most hated group of footballers in the Premier League.

They sacked one of the finest mangers in the history of the game, and replaced him with Graeme Souness. They even let Ruud Guillt have a go. Guillt knew so much he tried to end Stuart Pearce's career. We all know who won that one, Ruud.

But back to Newcastle. Which other club in the Premier League would have two players sent off for fighting each other? None of them. I could watch that fight again and again, and I'd still be laughing. If they'd been two fans they'd have been banned from every ground in the country. But because they are two overpaid c*nts, they got away with it.

Talking of c*nts, back to Souness. He thought Nicky Butt could play ahead of Jenas. Then he bought Faye. He spent £67,000-a-week on Kluivert when Kluivert clearly only came to Newcastle for Sir Bobby. And then Bellamy. The whole group of them make you want to drop a nuclear bomb on St James' Park.

What also makes them special is, throughout all this shit the club has given them, the fans will stick by them. When they are playing Championship football in three years whilst Souness is busy f*cking up another Premiership club, the fans will still pack the ground. Did ever a group of fans deserve a better team? As for the board, players and particularly the manager, did a bunch of c*nts ever deserve less money? That's why Newcastle are special. 50,000 nice guys and 12 c*nts, and everybody wants them to lose. Brilliant.
Joe Robinson

I saw Old Big 'Ead last night and when Mull of Kintyre started (City Ground, mist rolling in from the Trent) I realised that even though this whole football thing is steeped in corruption and has little to do with sport any more, I won't stop loving it.

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Joe Williams said...

Well I pretty much agree with all of that, though of course the answer to the question "Which other club in the Premier League would have two players sent off for fighting each other?" is "Charlton Athletic": http://www.cafc.co.uk/newsview.ink?nid=21966&newstype=n


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