14 September, 2005

iTunes 5

Every time I start it up I am revulsed by its ugliness. It looks like some monstrosity from the 70s. Why Steve, why?


Andy Merrett said...

I have to say I don't mind its look. I know it breaks UI guidelines. I'm just a brushed-metal freak, I guess.

Baz said...

It's not the brushed metal - it's the fact that the weirdly shaded brushed metal (it looks kind of brown on my screen) coupled with the glare on the LCD coupled with the lack of borders make it look like some dodgy Hitachi hifi from the 70s. Next up there will be some wood veneer effect along with a nice piece of burgundy leatherette.

Maybe it looks better in OS X 10.4

Joe Williams said...

I have cleverly avoided this problem, if indeed it is one, by not being arsed to upgrade.


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