11 September, 2005

Megson In!

I want Megson to stay - as long as he is a success. I think chopping and changing this soon would be a mistake. But we need to see the improvement immediately. If it comes at Christmas it will probably be too late.

Megson was right that the attitudes of certain players was wrong (DJ I'm looking at you). He was right that we needed a fundamental rebuild of the playing staff (I've heard that Kinnear and Bomber weren't on speaking terms). He was right that we needed to sort out the defence (build from the back and all that).

But I've been thinking a lot about "corporate cultures" recently. Basically how an entire organisation takes on the characteristics of its leaders. Look at Apple with and without Steve Jobs. Or my company's descent into liquidation. Couple that with our five year long period of under-achievement - and that points the finger at the board.

We all know that Nigel Doughty stopped the club from going under. We all know that his money is keeping us going. And he knows a thing or two about money and good financial governance (that is his day job after all). But, like all good bosses, he delegates to others in areas that he has little or no expertise - namely the operational matters of the football club. GM may have rebuilt the playing staff but there are people above him who are still there and casting their shadows over the organisation. We've changed the players and got worse. We've changed the managers and got worse. I think it's time to change the Chief Executive - how much worse can it get?

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