25 October, 2005


I was very proud of Nottingham Forest over the weekend.

Marlon Harewood carving open premiership defences.

Daws holding his own against Wayne Rooney (one foul excepted).

JJ nicking two points off Manchester United.

But of course, the real Forest lose 3-0 to Yeovil. Worse than lose. They give up. Can't be arsed. Spit on the fans.

Megson says it is unacceptable. But they are his players, working with his methods.

What's the answer? Should Megson go? Who will replace him? Who on earth would want the job?

Should the players go? They are not earning their substantial wages. They are letting us all down. But they are good enough. They are a good mix of youth and experience. They even have some, Krissy, Wes and Perch, who are Nottingham through and through. Yet it's still down to Gaz to show any commitment (even if the idiot gets himself sent off stupidly). And no, I don't blame Gaz for being pissed off with the fans. I think it shows a level of dignity to ignore the fans, who constantly boo him, that the other players are sorely lacking.

Again, it strikes me that it doesn't matter who the manager is, who the players are. It's nearly fifteen years since Mr Clough retired and we're still in decline. Is it the weight of expectation? Probably. Is it going to change any time soon? I don't think so. Sometime soon the "you're not famous anymore" chants will stop. And then, just like some of our own ignorant fans sing at the likes of Blackpool and Wolves, we'll be on the receiving end of "you've never won fuck all". And it's only then that we will have any chance of any sort of recovery.

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