29 November, 2005

Car hits Sign

The Nottingham Evening Post has the honour of two of my favourite things.

The first is the best headline ever - "Car Hits Sign" - with the first line of the article being "A car hit a sign yesterday ...".

The second is the best advert ever - "Evening Post Classifieds" - with Richard Briers and Penelope Wilton (from "Ever Decreasing Circles". Richard Briers had acquired an elephant and Penelope Wilton had instructed him to get rid.
"But how?" asks the hapless Mr Briers.
"Use Evening Post Classifieds" replies Ms Wilton.
"What's the number?" asks Briers.
"It's easy - think of the legs of an elephant. Elephant, Double Elephant, Half an Elephant. Twice" says Wilton.
"What?" asks Briers, unsurprisingly.
"An elephant has 4 legs. So Elephant - 4, Double Elephant - 8, Half an Elephant - 2, Twice. 482 482" comes the answer.

The fact that I have not lived in Nottingham for ten years and the advert must date from the late eighties and yet I still know the number for Evening Post Classifieds shows the power of this thirty seconds of air time on Trent FM.

However, Mr Megson has decided not to talk to the NEP anymore. If he has been misquoted as he says (and I did think that "I have no idea" was a strange thing for an under-fire manager to say) then I cannot blame him.

But it does bring to mind the last days of Joe Kinnear, where fans desperate for any information were left wanting.

PS: I've just checked and Evening Post Classifieds is still (9)482 482. The power of advertising.


mortgage rate said...

thought-provoking, mootable pv. just my thoughts, well anyways gl & be chipper is what i say

Anonymous said...

Was thinking about elephant, double elephant half an elephant twice myself. Googled and found this, as you say, the power of advertising!


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