28 November, 2005

A message to Huddersfield Town fans

We're not normally dirty but jack went mental.
The first twenty or thirty minutes you pulled us apart until we changed formation and should have had three or four.
Jack was a disgrace.
The second half we had you, even with 9 men, but the ref bottled it and your lot started diving.
We know that we deserve to be where we are after our last joke of a season.
It was a penalty but jack deserved to have gone from what i've heard about the challenge on the keeper (i couldn't see it but from the descriptions on the radio it was disgusting).
The bloke on the radio said it was a big crowd but there were lots of empty seats.
Jack was a disgrace.
It's a nice stadium but the traffic through that retail park is a git.
I know that Jack was a twat and tempers were fraying but trying to get Gaz sent off was equally out of order - so don't make out that we were the dirty team.
We know full well we're not famous anymore.
The ref was a homer and bastians should have had a penalty - if that had been given then Brecks wouldn't have been sent off.
Missing that open goal was funny.
Jack was a twat.

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Alex said...

Hey Baz! Another Forest Blogger!

That's FOUR of us now!

I have linked my attempt at a blog to yours, we need to stick together - in a support group kind of stylie!



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