30 November, 2005

You can prove anything with statistics

I had ten minutes spare at work (I was waiting for my computer to do its thing) so I looked at Bridport Red's excellent site and compiled the following list:

In 1993-94, under Frank Clark: W 7 D 6 L 7 = 27 points
In 1997-98, under Harry Bassett: W 12 D 6 L 3 = 42 points
In 1999-00, under David Pratt: W 5 D 6 L 9 = 21 points
In 2005-06, under Gary Megson: W 8 D 3 L 8 = 27 points

These take into account league games, in the season following relegation, upto but not including the 1st December of the year in question.

What does it prove? I have no idea (and my maths is probably wrong as I'm at work and not thinking too hard about it) but it does show that things could be worse or better, depending upon if you are a half-empty or half-full type.

Me? I'm half-full at the moment - but that could change.

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