04 December, 2005

Half Empty

I didn't go to the game. I didn't even listen on the interweb (I was out transporting the kids in preparation for our Christmas Dinner).

Rish once coined the phrase "the dark days under Platt (TDDUP)" which I have since seen used elsewhere. And it got me thinking about TDDUP compared to today.

Every now and then, we would produce forty-five minutes of fantastic football. But never ninety minutes of fantastic football. We had a team that cost a lot of money for the division we were in. Every week the manager would say that we just needed to put a run together. The team appeared not to understand the instructions they had been given. Sound familiar?

And, apparently, the chairman left the game twenty minutes before time.

Oh - the Christmas Dinner was excellent. Ronnie Barker was this year's unanimous God, Tom Cruise the suprise Goat. The food was great (nice work Simon) and as has fast become tradition, the quiz was cancelled because the quizmaster was leathered.

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