06 December, 2005

Nigel Doughty

In response to the last post:

He is a fan. It doesn't surprise me if he reads the boards. Many fans are unfair to him - he has said that he would happily step down if there was anyone else who was willing to support the club. But there is no-one around who is both that rich and stupid.

I am a fan, and I really do not know what the solution is. My head tells me that getting rid of Megson does not make sense, but my heart tells me that it is not working. Some of the players are undeniably decent, such as Breckin, Cullip, Commons, Perch, Bopp and Lester, but you can have all the talent in the world and still do crap unless you are working within the right system.

However, many of the players at the club are not good enough. And there are too many who might be good enough, but have not proved themselves (and it does get suspicious when players seem to be permanently injured). Every manager makes mistakes, I am not going to castigate Megson for that. But of his chosen players, none of them seem to know what they are doing - as Baz says, it is very reminiscent of TDDUP...

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