06 January, 2006

Megson at WBA

"In our second promotion year I went to the ground on a Friday for a ticket. The team bus was being prepared to go to Gillingham as I passed.

I popped into the club shop to mooch for a bit and there were a load of players asking for track suit bottoms. The staff passed them out.

I asked what was going on. The lad at the counter looked up to the heavens wearily and said "Megson." "Eh?"

"Megson had all their track suit bottom pockets sewed up so they couldn't put their hands in their pockets during training. Now they need bottoms to put their keys and stuff in."

He was serious. We won next game 2-0."

Taken from a post by a Baggies fan on a message board.


Alex said...

I don't quite see your point, Baz.

Baz said...

No point really. Just thought it was interesting - more on Megson's "man-management" techniques.

There was another story about some WBA player who repeatedly turned up late for training, Megson fined him so he got the PFA to dispute the fine. Megson made the bloke train with the kids and wouldn't even let him go out on loan.

Disciplinarian - yes. The best way to handle disputes - don't know.


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