01 March, 2006


Alan Rogers is forgetting that while he was fantastic when Fat Joe first got him in on loan, as soon as he signed a contract he started guzzling pies.

You were great in your first spell at the club Alan, but you're not wanted now and it's not Megson's fault.


Joe Williams said...

I love the fact that your AdSense has thrown up "Buy Notts Forest FC Shares".

I think I will.

Oh yes and I also like that your old manager isn't bitter or anything.


So definitely not his fault.

Joe Williams said...

As far as my screen shows, that link didn't work, so try click here instead.

Rish said...

To be fair, it's not Megson's fault that he has little or no knowledge of how to manage players on the pitch. He actually did a reasonable job of clearing out the club, but every manager will get judged by what happens on the pitch...


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