28 March, 2006

Roy "Keane" on Forest Job

From someone who claims to know people at the club:

"Not much more on what has already been stated except that a decision has been made and accepted by the candidate. No names, I expect it though to be Keane.

However I have been told there will be a suprise when the announcement is made in the summer or at the end of the season. I guess the reason that no announcement has been made yet as Keane is still contracted with Celtic. The suprise could be player/manager, could be something to do with the current incumbent I don't know."


zak said...

surprise .. that he's maybe going to work as Mick McCarthy's #2 ?! ;)

Joe Williams said...

Could the surprise be that it's actually Robbie Keane, or possibly the shit band Keane?

Keane is a weird word if you look at it too much.


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