24 March, 2006

Roy Keane

The internet posters claiming to be "in the know" are saying that Roy Keane is pretty much a done deal after Nigel turned us down.

I'm not sure what I think about this to be honest - my Man U supporting friend thinks it could be the greatest appointment since BC, but I reckon the choice of assistant will be crucial. And I'd quite like Ken and Dierdre to stay on.


Rish said...

Firstly - how do we whether Nigel has turned us down?

Secondly, regarding Roy Keane - I have two words about the last ex-player who had little or no coaching experience who had high hopes of being an up and coming manager: David Platt.

Does anyone think that Roy Keane would have any clue about how to sort out the problems on and off the pitch, other than the Megson-esque yelling at people?

If Nigel doesn't want the job, we could do a lot worse than offer it to Frank and Charlie.

Baz said...

we don't know owt. it's just what people who claim to know people connected with the club are saying.

Baz said...

Apparently it's been mentioned on Radio 1 that he is in line for the job and some bookies have stopped taking bets on it:


However, his agent is denying it

Dom said...

I think it's definitely a case of Platt mark2 - if it is Keane it is another appointment made because of the "name" rather than any actual managerial talent or experience.

Not saying that he's gonna turn out as awful as Pratt - but it's always a risk & the last thing Forest need is another bad manager


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