12 April, 2006

Yellow peril

So it appears that the inconsistency (and occasional incompetence) of referees can have a significant bearing on the outcomes of a season.

Last night, Neil Danns scored two goals to give Colchester a 2-0 win over Hartlepool. This win moves them to third in the table and pretty much consolidates their place in the play-off zone.

Has anyone else noticed that Danns should not have been playing? On Saturday, after two other players (one from each team) had been booked for kicking the ball away, the referee failed to show Danns a yellow card for the same offence, which would have been his second yellow (as Colin Fray put it, it was a fine example of a referee "bottling it").

Thankfully, Forest still managed the win on Saturday (James Perch's goal being the slice of luck that teams sometimes need), but Danns should have been suspended last night. I wonder if those three points will make a difference come the end of the season?

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