19 May, 2006

Rumour Round-up

Martin's wife wants to move back to Nottingham and Martin's been interviewed today.

Doughty is preparing his last push with a big wad of cash for the next manager.

Colin Calderwood's been given permission by Northampton to talk to us and is due for an interview.

Roy Keane's turned us down after being interviewed twice.

Mick McCarthy's turned us down as he wants a Championship club.

Unlike many, I'll be a bit disappointed if the last one turns out to be true. I don't think what happened at Sunderland can really be held at his door, I don't know enough about what happened with Ireland. But I do remember being very impressed by his Millwall side (and I think that is where we signed Sheringham and Coops from so he knew how to pick his players).

1 comment:

Rish said...

Would you like David Pleat? Or Graeme le Saux? Mick McCarthy talks about as much sense as a commentator. That is good enough for me to not want him as manager.


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