30 May, 2006

To maintain and improve

So what does CC need to do?

Straight away, we need a new keeper. Rune is OK for the bench and did well at the end of the season but Gerrard commanded his area in a way that Pedersen does not.

Full backs: Bennett and Curtis are good but if they are out I have little confidence in the replacements (Thommo and Pie-Baby Cry-Baby Podgers). Backup needed.

Centre halves: Breckin, Morgan, Cullip - no problems. Maybe another as backup (Thommo) but no urgency.

Centre mid: Holt showed his at least part of his third lung towards the end of the season, with Perch as worthy backup. I've not seen enough of Clingan to say anything definitive but he certainly looks like he could spray the passes around in the centre. But he's not exactly the goal-scoring box-to-box type. Maybe Friio will get a second chance to show why the Plymouth fans regard him as a legend. So four candidates for the two most important places in the team, with nothing decided.

Wingers: Southall - no complaints at all. Tireless and a fantastic number of assists. Cover is the problem - I wouldn't mind Lester being pushed out there - at least if he's not in the centre he's less likely to rake people with his studs. This season has to be make or break for Fatty Commons (if he's not off to Preston as rumoured). Some defend him by saying this league's too physical for him. Well tough. League One's where we're at. Deal with it. As for cover, Bastians is an able replacement, although not ready to start week in week out.

Forwards: In Tyson and Holt we have two strikers that complement each other, are hard working and ought to have goals in abundance. Lester did not inspire when partnered with Tyson (when Grant was out at the end of the season) - he would probably do better if Tyson was out, although Dobie could be a good deputy at this level. I've not seen Weir-Daley or Pittman enough to comment, Harris looks past it and I'm sorry to say I don't want to see Johnno pull on the Garibaldi again.

So, the priority is a keeper. The rest of the team, if they perform as we know they should, picks itself and is good enough, but as Meggo found to his cost, some of these players are not reknowned for their hard work and team spirit. I'm still not convinced enough of the clear-out was completed, but in theory, we should just be looking for cover, not first teamers.

Good luck Colin. I think you're going to need it.

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