30 May, 2006

What do they take us for?

I am loathe to criticise the running of the club too often - I wouldn't expect Nigel Doughty to come into my office and tell me how to run a Higher Education survey and what I should be spending my annual budget on.

But the PR of the club is an absolute disaster. I cannot believe that they have made this mistake again. And at the same time, they have priced me out of a season ticket again...

On top of that, I commend the board for trying to keep speculation of the managerial appointment to a minimum (basically by keeping their gobs shut - I suspect they only mentioned Calderwood because the Northampton chairman wanted to be honest with his fans). But by taking so long, they are creating problems for themselves - if they weren't going to have appointed by now, why wait so long to announce new ticket prices? I also strongly suspect that Calderwood is being lined up as plan B, if the speculation about O'Neill is true. I personally think we could do a lot worse than Calderwood, although I have to say it is not an appointment that gets me jumping out of my seat with excitement (I think Martin or Nigel would be the only ones who could achieve that).

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