24 May, 2006

What's going on?

We all know Forest are bad at PR.

But why would you preannounce the announcement date for season tickets?

The only reasons I can think of are:

  • It is bad news (price hike)

  • It is a hint about the date of the manager's appointment in the face of relentless Martin O'Neill speculation

  • It is both

And yes, I'm still hoping ...

PS: Derby announce their manager "before the end of the week". Lots of their fans reckon it's Martin as well.


Baz said...

From the message boards today:

O"Neill to be given the Director of Football job, giving him enough time to be with his wife.

O'Neill has a contract with Celtic as part of his compassionate leave package that means he cannot take another job till the 29th May.

Press Conference on Monday (but it's a Bank Holiday - see above)

Keith Alexander is in the frame.

Baz said...

Oh, and most of the people "in the know" are complaining that they have been told nothing (one even citing an ex-player, a current player and an ex-chairman who is friends with MoN as being in the dark). Although the editor of the NEP apparently knows but daren't run it.

Baz said...

Today's update:

Dan on LTLF, Toddi Orlygson and InsideNFFC on Vital are all now claiming it's a done deal.

All three have been right about inner goings on at the club before and all three are claiming that O'Neill has a clause in his Celtic contract preventing him from taking the job until June.

Baz said...

Or is it all over?


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