12 May, 2006

World Cup Slogans

Guess the country (before clicking on the link to cheat, obviously):

"Liberte, Egalite, Jules Rimet!" (genius)
"2006, it's @£#$* o'clock"
"With a flag in the window and a nation on the pitch. Força %&*£#@" (surely cheating)
"Here come the Soca Warriors – the fighting spirit of the Caribbean"
"Light up your Samurai spirit!"
"Fight! Show spirit! Come on! You have the support of everyone"
"United we play, United we win"
"Come on the Elephants! Win the cup in style" (definitely cheating)
"Our army is the team, our weapon is the ball. Let's go to Germany and give it our all" (George Bush ought to invade them)
"Vehicle monitored by 180 million @£$%*& hearts"

1 comment:

Joe Williams said...

I like Saudi Arabia's hopelessly optimistic effort - "The Green Hawks cannot be stopped".

Also nice to see that the England one is rubbish.


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