15 June, 2006

Another One Bites The Dust: Ecuador 3 Costa Rica 0

Following Poland's elimination, qualification is guaranteed for at least one of these countries. This has therefore become a key match.

Both sides play attacking football and the game is quick and open. Carlos Tenorio puts Ecuador ahead after just 7 minutes and Ecuador know that if they can maintain their lead for the rest of the match they will be in the next round.

They start to play more conservatively while Costa Rica throw themselves into the attack. Ecuador are able to contain their opponents and prevent any genuine chances, but they have little possession of their own. Other than winning a pair of 30 yard free kicks, which are wasted, they fail to trouble the Costa Rican defence.

They do start to get back into the game late in the half, however, forcing the Costa Rican keeper into action after 40 minutes when he parries a dangerous cross. At the other end Sequeira heads wide when he might have done better. The favour is returned when Agustin Delgado fails to make anything of a ball sent across the box.

The second half opens tamely until 8 minutes in Delgado pushes through a ragged defence to score a second for Ecuador, who take their foot off the pedal and get in some passing practice. Jon Champion points out a dozen times that Ecuador might face England in the next round. The Costa Ricans press on but they look defeated and their play is half-hearted.

With five minutes left Saborio strikes the crossbar but this is as close as they come to salvaging anything from the match and in injury time Ivan Kaviedes scores a third for Ecuador. They have been by far the better side and can celebrate their first ever appearance in the second round. Costa Rica can look forward only to a meaningless kickabout with Poland and a flight home.


Baz said...

what i want to know is "is there any chance of England meeting Ecuador in the next round?"

And if so should we be worried (not having seen either of their games so far)?

Joe Williams said...

From what I've seen so far I think Ecuador are one of the best teams in the competition. Better than Germany. So yes we should be worried.


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