08 June, 2006

The Best Years Are The Evens

Greetings. Baz has invited me on here to be a World Cup correspondent. I will not be wasting any time talking about your silly little football club. I have greater things on my mind. The World Cup!

I have had little interest in professional league football over the last couple of years. My viewing has been mainly confined to the Unibond League and Hexham Juniors. If you add up the total time I have spent watching professional football (on TV) over the past season, I suspect it would add up to less than 90 minutes before the Cup Final and play-offs added another 3 hours or so.

The World Cup, however, is what it’s all about. I love the World Cup.

I estimate that during the World Cup I will spend 100 hours watching football on TV. In preparation I have organised a sweepstake, entered a prediction league, written every fixture in my diary (months ago, naturally) and indulged in the ceremonial planting of that most essential of quadrennial blooms, the World Cup Wallchart.

And for the next four weeks I will be sharing my thoughts on the tournament with you lucky people. The excitement is overpowering.

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