28 June, 2006

Off-Topic: Loser

I heard a bit of Wimbledon on Radio 5 yesterday. Specifically, Tim Henman is through to the second round, to meet Roger Federer. I know little about tennis, but I do know that Federer is the best in the world at the moment. Henman is one of those who looks like he is going somewhere and then falls when the going gets tough.

But Federer apparently said he was not looking forward to playing Henman as he does not like playing on grass against a grass-court specialist - especially early on in the tournament. The Radio 5 interviewer mentions this to Henman, adding "and you're the underdog with nothing to lose and you've beaten him before - it's time to go for it". To which Henman replied along the lines of "that's an interesting way to look at it. Whether I play him early or late in the tournament, it's going to be a hard game".

Well tough. If that's the way you think, not only do you deserve to lose but you will lose.

Not good enough.

I'm glad that Rio Ferdinand does not think that way.

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Nik said...

And he got pummlled I believe


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