15 June, 2006

Poles Axed: Germany 1 Poland 0

The first round of games is over and the hosts return for their second appearance. I am forced to make do with seeing only the second half, mainly with no sound, but Germany are clearly overpowering Poland, who put up a valiant resistance, as they did in their first game.

They are clearly under the cosh, but cope admirably until Radoslaw Sobolewski is sent off, unluckily, for a second yellow card. It looks like the Germans will fail to take advantage of their position but in stoppage time Oliver Neuville finally penetrates the goal.

Having lost two games, Poland are the first team to be knocked out of the competition, and their final game against the Ivory Coast will be for pride alone. The Germans, meanwhile, are all but assured of progress to the next round.


Nik said...

Interview went well, but unfortunately uniforms were not on the agenda - I am hoping for something in black, preferrably a very short skirt and probably some braiding.

Presumably the job will involve counting planes, which seems easy on the face of it given they are so big they would be hard to miss, but they keep sneaking off in to the sky.

Baz said...

is a counting plane like an abacus?


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