12 June, 2006

Sven's tactical genius

As this is primarily a Forest forum, I thought I would take the opportunity to remind everyone that Sven Goran Eriksson was David Platt's managerial mentor. Watching England on Saturday was like watching Platt's Forest:

- Any time that there was any danger of building attacking momentum, one of the midfielders would balls it up by attempting a glory pass or, even worse, a thirty-yarder into Row Z (step forward, Steven Gerrard!)

- The players singularly failed to capitalise on all the possession they had, resutling in approximately zero shots towards goal

- They only managed to play for 45 minutes

- The manager made a ridiculous substitution, leading to an unneccesary change in formation and players having to shift positions (despite the fact that Joe Cole had put in a MOTM performance on the left flank). He then followed this up with another defensive switch, taking off the aforementioned MOTM and thereby removing England's last hope of creating something

- In making these switches, the manager publicly proclaimed, "I am happy with attempting to scrape a victory, I concede that we have no further attacking intent, and furthermore we are going to sit back and let you attack us for the remaining 35 minutes"

David Platt's career as a manager/coach was crap and short-lived - and yet we are relying on the same tactics to try and win us the World Cup. We have some good players, but the coach has to let them play their natural game!


Baz said...

Gary Jones for England! That would solve our (sven-imposed) striker crisis.

Joe Williams said...

"As this is primarily a Forest forum..."

Not any more, sunshine.

Sven must go.

Rish said...

As long as Baz is running it and I am still writing, it will remain NFFC - another month and normal service will be resumed.

I wonder what we can do to get Sven sacked? ;-)

Rish said...

Or England could sign Ian Wright on loan.

Baz said...

Des Walker at left-back.

Joe Williams said...

Banksy in goal.


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