06 July, 2006

My Name is Earl

Let's not try and convince ourselves that Wayne Rooney did not deserve a red card (if you are going to get one, it might as well be for stamping on someone else's "delicate area").

However, I, and many others, have never liked Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a petulant pretty boy, who has always been prone to the odd tumble. Shame really, because he could be one of the world's great players.

But he doesn't do himself any favours - I have no idea how he escaped from the France semi-final without a booking after two or three blatant dives, and I think that this tells it's own story (see link above). Who was it who mentioned Karma? What goes around, comes around...

The worst thing is that he appears to be trying to engineer a move to Real Madrid - what better reason than "supporters in England have made my life miserable"?


Baz said...

for a petulant pretty-boy he's very petulant but not very pretty.

Joe Williams said...

He looks good in Nike's new advertising campaign.


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