07 July, 2006

Players of the Tournament

Fifa have published their squad of the tournament. Mine's not even a full team, just a few of the players that caught my eye:

Goalkeeper: Lehmann or Ricardo
Defender: No contest - Cannavaro
Midfield: Essien, Pirlo or Zidane
Strikers: Totti

The weird thing is it took ages to come up with a decent striker and the only one I could think of was half fit.


Joe Williams said...

Goal - Lehmann
Defence - Cannavaro by a mile
Midfield - Zidane
Forward - Crespo? Klose?

Strikers definitely the toughest choice, and I would say Toni above Totti.

I can't really understand the inclusion of Ballack in FIFA's list and their young players list. Seems based more on hype than reality, he seemed fairly anonymous throughout to me.

Nik said...

Lahm has to be in there as does Klose - Klose may not seem to be the best striker in the world, but over the last 2 world cups you can't argue with the number of goals that he gets.

Agree that Toni has looked more impressive than Totti, but again - Totti scores whilst Toni suffers from Andy Cole syndrome.

I can't even reaqd the letters that I am meant to type in now

Baz said...

Klose maybe. Crespo didn't do enough for me (although I liked the look of Tevez). Totti made things happen unlike Toni.


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