02 July, 2006

Questions that need answering

Michael Owen
Is it all over for him? Not only did his availability from Real Madrid prompt virtually no interest, his move to Newcastle been one long disaster. Injuries are a major blow to a player whose prime asset was his pace. And his interviews during the tournament (before and after his injury) sound like someone who was not happy with his team-mates or with his game. Plus Sven commented "we have more than one player who can play the second striker role" (my emphasis).

Steve McClaren is cast by the press as more of the same. And his Middlesboro experience seems to suggest that. But don't forget that Boro have produced a number of excellent youngsters - the first of which even played during this tournament. Cole/Downing and Lennon with Rooney and A. N. Other up-front is a front line to be feared. Chuck in Hargreaves/Carrick/Cattemole in the centre alongside Gerrard, plus our extremely solid back-four and that looks like a very competent England side.

A confidence player with no confidence. Is it burn-out after playing sixteen hundred and forty five consecutive games for Chelsea?

Manchester United
Will Rooney ever pass to Ronaldo again? Or will Ronaldo take Real Madrid's money and slink off before Wayne sets the Neviller on him?

David Beckham
Resigned as captain. Will he start for England again? His legacy will be remembered as some great free-kicks and crosses, some notable haircuts and clothes, a stick-insect wife, silly names for his kids and a player (and captain) who threatened greatness but fell short when the chips were down.

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Joe Williams said...

There are some copies of Beckham's resignation letter circulating on the Web:



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