10 July, 2006

Season Ticket

Now that all the excitement is over, it's time to start thinking about the joys of another season in Coca Cola League One.

Last season, neither Rish nor I renewed our season tickets. Money was a major factor. "We're serious about promotion" was another. If the club had reduced the ticket price by a mere £10 I would have renewed. A public display of humility for the gross incompetence of the season gone by. But no, they froze the price and made it sound like they were doing us a favour.

However, it's July. Tickets are on general sale (I ain't no renewal no more). And I'm itching to get one. Even though the price has gone up. Even though we appear unlikely to improve in any major way on the current (often lazy, good-for-nothing, fat wallet) squad. Even though MA is still in charge. Even though I can't afford a ticket for the wife and my brother isn't renewing for various other reasons.

You see I don't actually like much else. There aren't many things that make me smile, clap, sing, scream and shout like watching twenty-two over-paid men kick a ball (at least not that a thirty-something father of two can get away with). So MA gets my cash. The City Ground gets another seat filled. And I get to sit in the Trent End Upper on my own.


Nik said...

Baz - there used to be a lot that would make you behave like that - hold your head in shame

Baz said...

I know ...


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