21 September, 2006

Inappropriate squad numbers XI

A few years ago, when it was announced that Zidane would wear number 5 for Real Madrid, a friend and I tried to set up a team of players whose numbers suggested that they played in a different position. The rules are simple - the team is based upon the premise that they will play 4-4-2. Full backs wear 2 (right) and 3 (left), with centre backs wearing 4 and 5. Wingers wear 7 (right) and 11 (left), the defensive midfielder wears 6 and the attacking one wears 8. The forwards wear 9 and 10. There is some leeway for different numbering systems, for example, it is acceptable for Wayne Rooney to wear number 8 (especially as he could easily play in the hole).

So far, in this season's Premiership, I have:

1. [I think you would be struggling to find anyone wearing number 1 who was not a goalkeeper - however, in the mid 90s, Charlton did their squad numbers in alphabetical order, so their right back Stuart Balmer wore number 1]

2 (RB): Abou Diaby (Arsenal - CM)
3 (LB): Steve Finnan (Liverpool - RB/RW)
4 (CB): Kevin Nolan (Bolton - AM); Nobby Solano (Newcastle - RM)
5 (CB): Andy Reid (Charlton - LW); Tugay (Blackburn - DM); Emre (Newcastle - DM/LW)

6 (DM): Gaizka Mendieta (Middlesbrough - RM); John Arne Riise (Liverpool - LB)
7 (RW): Christian Dailly (West Ham - CB); Paul Stalteri (Spurs - RB)
8 (AM): Jonathan Woodgate (Middlesbrough - CB)
11 (LW): Noe Pamarot (Portsmouth - RB); Chris Powell (Watford - LB)

9 (CF): Khalid Bouhlarouz (Chelsea - CB)
10 (CF): William Gallas (Arsenal - CB)

If anyone else is bored enough to come up with any suggestions, then send in a comment!

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