30 October, 2006

Nigel Doughty: Hero or Villain?

You decide.


Rish said...

Do you want us to ignore the factual inaccuracies in the article?

* Picture of Mark Arthur

* Suggestion that Hart signed David Johnson for £5m (it was Platt and he cost £3m)

* Asserting that it was ND who sanctioned the dismantling of the play-off team, when it was in fact Hart who did not renew contracts, failed to sign Huckerby and sold Harewood, as he wanted to rely on "his kids".

nffc said...

Bear in mind it's copy and pasted from elsewhere (here), so aside from being lazy in not checking, and the picture of Mark Arthur (who most certainly is a Villain), it's the chap at 'State of the game' making the other errors, and not Vital.

The truth with Doughty probably lies somewhere in the middle of the two polarities - he's made mistakes, but it's likely we'd have ceased operating without him... some fans don't know where their bread is buttered.


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