20 November, 2006

Too many strikers ...

Looks like we have accepted a bid for Grant Holt.

I know we have far too many strikers but this one is pretty strange. Grolt is top scorer. He is obviously talented. He (last couple of games notwithstanding) has shown he is prepared to fight for a place. But the biggest question of all is why sell him to Bristol City? Our League One rivals, one of the few teams to stretch us and with a decent finisher they could have had three points off us. Step forward Grant Holt.

The speculation about this move has been growing for some time. Rumours have been doing the rounds about a training ground bust-up with CC. And far be it from me to pretend to know anything about what's happening behind the scenes at the club, but if this move does go through (and the linked story is sourced by TeamTalk, which doesn't have the greatest track record) then Colinwood's got some serious questions to answer.

UPDATE: This thread suggests that he has decided to stay and he has played for the reserves. However, there's not often smoke without fire and this level of speculation certainly suggests that Grolt is on his way out.


Rish said...

I have heard (i.e. my Dad heard it on Radio Nottm last night, who do tend to source their stories well, unlike TeamTalk and many of the commercial sources) that Grolt said he doesn't want to go and CC has said he doesn't particularly want to sell.

While I wouldn't change a winning team, and I admire Harris' willingness, Grolt has got the ability that Chopper doesn't seem to. Seems a bit odd that he is playing for the reserves while Chopper toils away for the first team without ever looking dangerous.

Baz said...

Unfortunately I don't believe CC when he says he wants him to stay. There must be something keeping him out of favour, because it certainly isn't match day performances, either his or the people keeping him out of the team.


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