08 December, 2006


I really like Jose Mourinho. He's the only Premiership manager that interests me. But both him and Wenger are very very wrong. And it's not for the reason that David Gold claims.

It's nothing to do with players.

It's nothing to do with clubs.

It's to do with us. With the empty wallets and the hoarse throats.

We're averaging somewhere in the region of 16-19000 fans a league game at the moment. I don't know how many the likes of Wednesday or Huddersfield pull in but it's a pretty large amount. Even the smaller clubs in the "Coca Cola League" pull in several thousand, with several hundred going to away games.

Think back to your favourite games. Think what a part the opposition fans played in them. Or you played in them if it was away. This season, Millwall and Bristol City (afters notwithstanding) stand out. In the past, Norwich away, Bryan Munich at home (even though we lost). It's the away fans that make it.

And then think how many Chelsea fans would travel the length of the country to watch Chelsea reserves? Exactly.

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Rish said...

I agree with you but I also agree with David Gold. It would not be fair on the clubs who have to make way for the big clubs' second string. More importantly, in what way is it anyone else's problem if so-called "big players" aren't getting a game? That's why anyone with any sense is suggesting that Shaun Wright-Phillips leaves Chelsea.


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