19 February, 2007

Front Two

We have five strikers at the club: Tyson, Holt, Lester, Agogo, Dobie. With Commons as a possibility in emergencies. Recently we have been playing 2 up front with 1 behind - normally Tyson and Holt with Lester behind.

With Tyson out tomorrow and Commons available, who should CC play?

The wind seems to have gone out of Agogo's sails - I remember him being described as 'lazy and drifting in and out of games'. Well that sums his recent performances up perfectly (although he has undoubted talent at this level).

To be kind, I'm not going to pass comment on Dobie. He has been out of the game for a long time and it can take time to readjust. But, as of today, I do not see what he offers us.

That leaves Holt and Lester. I can't be bothered to look at the stats but I'm pretty sure that Grant's excellent run of form coincided with his partnership with Jack. And his form dropped once Jack was dropped. Neither is the paciest in the world but Jack is great at winning space (and free-kicks ;-)) for others and Grant is probably the most clinical of our finishers. Plus Grant can hold it up for someone like Jack to run on to (in a way that Tyson, who plays 'on the shoulder' of the defender doesn't).

So my vote goes for Grant and Jack up-front with Commons offering the creativity behind. This also has the added advantage of an easy switch to an orthodox 4-4-2 if Bennett and Curtis are unable to provide the width required.

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