17 February, 2007

The knives are out ...

The calls for Calderwood (and Doughty) to leave have started, unsurprisingly.

Personally, Calderwood is doing significantly better than Megson was using, essentially, the same bunch of overpaid, fat, drunken wasters that couldn't be bothered to play for the Ginger One. He baffles me with some of his selections. He infuriates me with some of his tactics. But getting rid simply won't help. Especially when it's not even spring. Check the average length of stay of managers at this club. That's the sign of panic, weak leadership, a poorly run club.

But there are some more important questions (and bear in mind that I couldn't even hear the radio commentary):

What's up with Tyson? From "nice young man with a lovely smile" to chucking elbows and violent conduct. Is something up in his personal life? Is he unhappy at the club? Who is going to take the time to sort him out (Colin)?

Why was Sammy on the bench?

Where are our transfers? "From a position of strength" was the quote and we're getting weaker by the minute.

If we fail to get automatic promotion then what are the odds on us bottling the play-offs?

What if we don't even make the play-offs?

I'm not expecting miracles. But we need to be getting stronger as the end of the season looms. Not weaker. CC is fast approaching a full-blown crisis and he is going to have to stand up and prove his worth very soon.

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Steve said...

I think you may be right. If we make the play-offs, which is starting to look less certain than it was, we will probably bomb.

Another year in League 1, do you think?

I can't believe the bookies still have Forset as favourites to win.


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