23 February, 2007

Let's put things in perspective

A Blackpool fan speaks on the Forest website:

Being a Blackpool supporter and reading forests fans comments about our recent encounter, i feel compelled to write in. First and formost in all articles i have read through the years, never have i come accross supporters of a club who for want of a better phrase are so "pig headed"about their own club and the opposition. Forest fans think it is a divine right for their club to be in the top flight. all they do is moan and complain, and insult the opposition. What kind of fans winge and moan when their team are on the brink of the playoffs let alone the top two spots. and not only that want the manager sacked? We have been in the lower depths of the football league for years and this could well be our season for promotion and on the way back. I will just remind you Forest fans that it is not a divine right for you or any other club for that matter to be competing in the top flight. You are where you are on merit, in league one,and will be with fans like yours for a few more seasons. A word of advise, stop slagging your team and manager off and get behind them, then you won't get hammered by a "pub team". Blackpool dominated that game and should of come away with three points no doubt.
although we're rivals good luck for the rest of the season.


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