05 March, 2007

5-1 to the Famous Team

Nottingham Forest 5 - 1 Huddersfield Town

Football, in many ways, is like going out. Or being in your twenties. The better the time, the less you can remember.

Here's what I remember.


Curtis Morgan Breckin (c) Bennett
Perchio Clingan Holt Commons
Agogo Holt

Huddersfield started the brighter but Perchio sprung the offside trap to release Agogo, who calmly slotted past the hesitating keeper.
Peter Jackson was going absolutely mental at Clingan as he lay prone on the touchline after a seemingly innocuous challenge. My first thought was "he's not moving at all" and fair enough, the stretcher came out and McGugan replaced him.
McGugan had a great game, not only providing energy and no little trickery to our often mis-firing midfield, but also a good goal, picking up the knock-down from a corner and hammering it in.
Perchio did a fine job on the right, with (I think) a decent cross for Holt (G) to tap in.
Smith's kicking was atrocious.
Grant Holt had a great game - playing with someone like Junior (or Jack) who runs from deep suits him as he can hold it up and bring them into the game. I'm less sure how he fits with Tyson who tends to play in front of him.
I can't really remember much about Perchio's goal.
Agogo's second goal was class. A break from deep, run at the defenders, a fantastic pass to land the ball on Grant's head. Grant's cushioned header plays the ball perfectly into Junior's path. One on one with the keeper again, rounds him and scores.
Gary Holt, despite being booed at the kick-off had a great game. A couple of people even started an (ironic) chant of his name as he covered thirty yards to break up a move deep in Town's half.
Grant was being pushed and pulled all over the shop. The final straw was when there was a two-handed shove on him, just in front of the linesman, who gave nothing. Grant proceeded to complain vigorously and then went off in a mard. This cost him a second goal as he was still busy stropping instead of concentrating on placing the ball in an empty net.
Wes was magnificent, especially in the second half.
After Town got their consolation they started chanting "Easy, Easy". There was also a chant of "we want Jackson out".
Nathan Tyson was in the car park after the game, having his photo taken and signing autographs.
Overall, this was probably the first game I have seen this season where it looked like our wage bill is four times higher than everyone elses. Everyone earnt their money this week.

Low points:
Clingan - looks like his season is over and I was thinking before the game that he could well be our most influential player, given a decent run in the side.
Smith - his kicking was awful.
Calderwood - he praised the entire team, apart from Grant ("Junior {gush}, Perchio {gush}, McGugan {gush}, Chambers {gush}... and Grant got a goal too"). Whatever is going on between them is still very much affecting both manager and player.
Grant - a fabulous performance blown by his (partly justified) petulance in the last fifteen minutes.

High Points:
McGugan - the first time I have seen him play and he brought energy, drive, passing and trickery to our midfield. He faded in the second half and it's a lot to ask of him to replace Clingan for the rest of the season but he certainly made an impression.
Perchio - pace, crossing, skill, passing all out on the right. He just gets better and better.
Commons - the bloke behind me yelled "fat twat" at him as he was taking one of his many corners, but this was one of his better games and he deserved a goal (hitting the post and creating loads today).
Agogo - fantastic finishing, lots of running and hard work and great composure.
Grant - a fabulous performance blown by his (partly justified) petulance in the last fifteen minutes.
Gary - what a performance. What defensive midfield is all about. The other three could swap and interchange positions freely, knowing that Gary would mop up all that happened behind them.
Wes - totally dominated the back line and didn't really give Town much of a sniff. Man of the Match.

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