18 April, 2007

Make up your own mind

Taken from Kris Commons' column on the FA website - he was talking after the Blackpool match, but as far as I am concerned this could apply to any one of a number of matches this season:

The crowd were not happy - that was disappointing. There were a few shouts of ‘you’re not fit to wear the shirt’ at the end.

We were disappointed with the result, hearing a few shouts does not help. A few of the players went to clap the fans to say thanks for their support, but they were given some stick.You could feel the tension around the ground.

Our fans come to the ground in their thousands, they are our 12th man. When the fans are behind us, they are awesome. When they are negative, we can feel it. It deflates our confidence. We need them as much as they need us. We need to do this together. The 11 players on the pitch are trying to get the club promoted.

So what is the point? Whether or not you feel the players and manager are putting in the effort, surely calling them is not going to help? Nothing I say is going to change the behaviour of the fans, but I leave it to you to decide...

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