31 May, 2007

Calderwood's a football genius

I'm not normally one for slating the manager, especially when he has only been in place for a single season, but with our fantastic form and even better PR over the last ten years, the club has pretty much exhausted my patience.

Which is why I'm amazed (but ultimately not surprised) to hear that the only one of our players I actually like and one of the few with the talent to make it in the Championship wants to leave.

You better have someone bloody good lined up, Colin (and I'm not sure that Leon Best is good enough).


Rish said...

Not sure I agree with you on this - apparently Grant wants to leave because he wants an improved contract. He still has two years to run on his current deal, and Forest have not gone up. Granted, he was top scorer (many from the spot), and also player of the year and a fans' favourite, but those factors do not necessarily justify improved terms, especially as the club have failed to get promotion.

Baz said...

He's hardly been made to feel wanted though ... I know from personal experience that if you can't get job satisfaction through your colleagues you try to get it through your wallet

Rish said...

I am just not sure we are in a position to comment as we do not know the full facts (at least at this stage). I like Grant a lot, but there is obviously something going on behind the scenes that we don't know about. I would not like to speculate as to whether that is to do with Grant, the manager or our bungling chief exec.


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