19 May, 2007

History Repeating

Rant first: their number 3 is a dirty cheating bastard and Graham Poll is a joke.

I hold Paul Hart solely responsible for our last play-off defeat. If he had started with his regular centre-half, Jon Hjelde, instead of his pet, John Thompson, I cannot imagine us conceding four goals in the way that we did. In the same way, I hold Colin Calderwood solely responsible for yesterday's debacle. We were doing OK - not comfortable but looking odds on to get through till CC decided to take Jack off and put Wes on. Reshuffle the back four and try and hold on - or watch as Wes makes two mistakes putting us through to extra time with nine men (Prutts for a dodgy tackle on the aforementioned number three and Wright who was carrying an injury so he could not run). No point in sacking CC now (stability blah blah) and to the morons chanting for Psycho - this is the same Psycho who took an inconsistent but entertaining Man City side and turned them into non-goal scoring cigar-stubbing bores. But I fully understand why the Northampton fans love him so ...

Well done to Yeovil and their fans.
Well done to the players - you can't fault them - they played to the best of their limited ability.
Well done to us - we were magnificent.
And you better fucking learn from this one Colin ....

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Baz said...

Of course he hasn't learnt a thing ... "I should have put Wes on earlier". Does he not remember this - http://nottingham-forest.blogspot.com/2006/10/its-just-like-watching-ajax.html ?


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