04 May, 2007

Marching Down Together

Living in Leeds I hear much wailing and gnashing of teeth over Leeds United's decline (although I actually know many more Rhinos fans than United fans). Mostly it makes me smile as I recognise the signs (I proclaimed in October that Leeds would be relegated - as Forest fans we know what a relegation team looks like).

However, this piece by Eddie Gray has annoyed me.

But just imagine the joy of some of these clubs who will have Leeds in town. One thing that never changes with Leeds is the level of support and if you were to take as examples Northampton, Cheltenham and Yeovil, they will be accommodating 4,000 visiting fans and more for the first time.

For the first time?

Ignoring the fact that we bring thousands of away fans and our attendances in the Third Division have matched Leeds' in the Second Division - does he really think that they are the first "big" club to be down here? There's us, Sheffield Wednesday and Manchester City in recent years. Man City averaged 30000 in the Third Division. 30000!!! Leeds can't manage anywhere near that in the Second.

So shut it Gray. You will find it tough. Really tough. And not just because you are a "big" club, but also because it's a bastard hard division to get out of. Any cracks in the unity of your entire organisation and you will be found out. As we were.

Hopefully, in a couple of weeks (maybe even a few hours) we should be out of it.


guinless said...

Dirty Cheating Leeds are indeed in for a big shock. They have 46 Cup Finals to play and not many of them will be football matches. It will be interesting to see how they cope. Personally, I'd put money on them not escaping at the first attempt just as we didn't.

I must adnit to having sympathy with Man City and Sheff Weds when ending up in League 1, but I am ashamed to say it gives me a smug warm feeling inside, to see Dirty Cheating Leeds down here.

May they rest in peace.

Rish said...

Seen and heard it all before...


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