15 May, 2007

Post(er) your support

Great result on Friday night, the kind of performance that makes you proud. It was not perfect, but we just about deserved the victory, and if 2-0 flatters us slightly ... who cares?

No need to write a match report as you will either have seen it on the box or read about it elsewhere, but great performances by Smudge, Jack, Krissy and Gary Holt. Lewis was on course for MOTM but faded after an hour or so (remember, he's just a boy). I think Prutts may struggle to get his place back.

Don't know how deliberate it was, but CC's substitutions, although bizarre, worked quite well; put on an extra defender to mop up the pressure, then Spencer went on and ran at the tired Yeovil defence.

Anyway, looking forward to Friday night - for those anoraks amongst you, here is a way that you can show your support.

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