22 May, 2007

Retained players

According to BBC Nottingham, the list of retained players will be announced today.

In my view, bye-bye to:

  • Krissy (not as big a loss as one would think - never fit and recently been playing well, just as his contract was due)
  • Gary Holt (had his best match in a Forest shirt in the first leg against Yeovil, had an absolute stinker in the second)
  • John Curtis (what point is a full-back who won't tackle?)
  • Rune Pedersen (I think he is out of contract - if so, good luck to you wherever you go)
  • Wes (not out of contract, but in my opinion is not good enough and would deservedly be behind Breckin and Chambers in the pecking order)

I would like to see Jack stay (and possibly play in midfield next year), but am not sure whether he will get a new deal. I think it goes without saying that we will say goodbye to Nicky Eaden and John Thompson.

I have deliberately kept quiet for the last few days, both literally and metaphorically (lost my voice on Friday night, only just coming back now). It is very rare that I say "I don't want to talk about it", but that is exactly how I have felt...

UPDATE: I forgot about our loanees - I wouldn't mind "Mini-me" Alan Wright signing, the question might be whether he would get any better offers; as for Prutts, I think he managed to finish his own Forest career with that red card.


Baz said...

Jack Lester, John Curtis, Gary Holt, Rune Pedersen, John Thompson, Nicky Eaden, Kevin James, Robert Hughes and Vincent Fernandez all gone.

Rish said...

I feel sorry for Jack - this is the second time this has happened to him.

New contract offers to Krissy (as expected), as well as Spencer, and a couple of the kids.


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