20 June, 2007

Newsflash - Forest to leave the City Ground

As reported by BBC News - apparently this is the reason that there will be a news conference later today (Wednesday).

UPDATE (10.30):

The new stadium plans are announced, alongside the A453. Not sure how I feel about it, as it might be a bit weird going somewhere other than the CG for home games. However, parking near the CG is increasingly a problem, and it is a little bit laborious getting from my parent's home in Wollaton to the CG by public transport - particularly midweek. The other problem is the little-reported issue of redevelopment of the City Ground - the peculiar shape of the Bridgford Stand is down to light regulations, so that the houses behind would not be in the shadow of the ground. The club have apparently tried to buy the adjoining land and properties to get around this problem, but to no avail. So any new Main Stand would be constricted due to lack of space.

Given these potential restrictions, and the perceived costs of redeveloping the existing ground in a piecemeal fashion, I can understand the logic behind a new stadium. The other question is why didn't they do it years ago, when the proposal was there to build on the old Wilford Power Station?

I am sure we will hear many opinions on this issue on fans' forums everywhere.


The Guardian also have a report, including this nugget:

Intriguingly, Derby County, Forest's main rivals, have just announced plans to redevelop Pride Park and increase the capacity from 33,500 to 44,000. The suspicion at Forest is that Derby have got wind of their plans and are keen for their own stadium to be regarded as the most impressive football arena in the east Midlands. Forest, however, are confident their famous past will stand in their favour.

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