17 July, 2007

New squad

Kelvin Wilson is now a Forest player, as well as a fan (but still has a tattoo on his neck).

The squad numbers have been announced - you can never be sure how much to read into these things, but Perchio now has number 7 - is he going to play right-wing? Wilson has number 2 - is he going to play right-back? Dobie moves to number 11 - does that mean CC sees him as a winger, more than a centre-forward? Probably none of those, but idle minds tend to speculate...

Furthermore, there are some rumours about Andy Cole and some Irish lad being linked with the Reds - these stories seem to hold a lot less weight than, for instance, the Cohen and Davies rumours did. As always, I will believe it when I see it.

Finally, CC has said something about how he is happy with the squad, but does not appear to be ruling out further signings. I personally wouldn't be surprised to find a new striker, either on loan or on a cheap, short-term deal - at the moment, we only have a couple of fit strikers, and we are also likely to lose Junior Agogo to the African Cup of Nations in mid-season. As a point of interest, did you know that Junior's real name is Manuel?

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