30 July, 2007

Save Sherwood

The campaign to save Sherwood starts here!

If you want to save Sherwood, let us know in the comments box. I will continue my campaign and will be writing to the club to save our talismanic mascot.

Watch this space.


mattyboy said...

No, dont save Sherwood. He scares my nephew who runs away every time "that man comes"!
But it will be interesting to see the level of abuse a man in tights gets from the away fans...

Baz said...

for those that don't know I had to barge my way through a whole line of small children to get that photo taken!

guinless said...

Was that you or your brother on Radio Nott'm? I heard it on my way to work and had a bit of a chuckle. I'm no fan of either mascot, but I am worried about someone who wants to get dressed up in green tights and a skirt. Good luck with it.

Baz said...

That was me (Baz) in the photo, Rish on the radio.


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