24 August, 2007

Off-topic: Graham Poll v John Terry

So Graham Poll has gone on record as saying that John Terry's behaviour on the pitch has eroded his status, to the extent that he should not be captain of England anymore. Maybe Poll has a point; the trouble is that all the senior England players are just the same - Gerrard, Neville, Ferdinand and Terry all lead the charge against officials when a decision goes against them - so who would be captain?

The other factor is that Poll's pursuit of a media career has reduced his credibility to almost zero - and the way in which he made his point smacks of sour grapes.

As it happens, I think that John Terry is the new Alan Shearer - although he likes to portray himself as the lion-hearted captain and talisman, a symbol of all that is good about Chelski and England, I wouldn't trust him, prone to "gamesmanship", and I strongly suspect that there is more going on than meets the eye.


While trying to find a decent reference for the above story (sadly I couldn't find one, so the Daily Mail link will have to do instead - although I did initially hear the story reported on BBC 5 Live), I also stumbled across this allegation about John Terry - no idea whether it is true or not, but it makes for interesting reading...

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