31 August, 2007


After the shocking news about the near-death of Clive Clarke on Tuesday, there was a lot floating about on the messageboards about the reaction of players, officials and supporters. I was following the match on the Internet, so all I saw was that the second half didn't start, a little later reports filtered through via the BBC website and Radio 5Live.

However, my Dad was there, and this is his account from the lower tier of the BC Stand:

"The first odd thing to notice was the paramedic etc running into the tunnel
followed by their manager with the players doing what looked like team talk
in the open. Then the announcement came about a 15 minute delay in restart,
then 10 more minutes and by then the radio concluded that some medical
emergency has taken place. CC and Martin Allen came out to announce abandonment on
grounds of a player taking seriously ill but Allen could not speak. He was in
tears.. There was some initial booing and jeering by both sets of supporter
but after CC repeated his statement there was all round applause."

From my limited medical knowledge, it sounds as though Clarke was in the best place - if the heart attacks had happened at home or on the street, the paramedics may not have arrived on time. A sobering thought, given the tragic death of the young Spanish player the previous day.
We have heard little news since Wednesday, so we have to assume that his recuperation is going slowly but surely, and no news is hopefully good news.

I know it should go without saying, but get well soon.

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