01 September, 2007

Don't believe everything you read

So apparently many fans are unhappy that there was no deadline day transfer activity for the Reds, despite suggestions that there would be. This has prompted a fresh wave of "more Forest spin", "CC is a liar" and "do the club have no respect for the fans?" type comments.

In response to that, I don't think I saw anything directly from the club to suggest that McGoldrick or Hartson would be coming in, nor Dobie leaving. True, McGoldrick is a Nottingham boy with family here, but it appears as though first team football was the defining factor - he is more likely to start games for Port Vale than for us, which is better for McGoldrick, Port Vale and Southampton - so I don't think it is necessarily down to Forest not making a decent offer (would you go somewhere on loan, knowing you would be fourth choice?).

The Hartson rumour was apparently down to Hartson's tongue-in-cheek comment that he was at the Liberty Stadium to sign for Forest, when in fact he was there as a guest of Swansea City FC; The Times then (libellously) claimed that it was in fact a done deal, which as we now know, is not true. I have not seen The Times' article, but I am not aware that it contained quotes from either Hartson, nor anyone at NFFC.

As for Dobie leaving, that rumour apparently started in the bastion of truth that is the Nottingham Evening Post - I would allege that sometimes the truth comes second on their agenda, compared with selling papers and making money.

However, the NEP did carry a quote from Smoulds: "There is no news as such - we are still negotiating. I sense that something will happen before 12 tonight." If you look at that quotation in context, CC is effectively saying "we hope that something will happen but there are no guarantees" - given the greedy and mercenary nature of some modern footballers, I would suggest that if they don't like the financial offer on the table, then they are in it for the money, rather than the joy of having the best job in the world.

We will never know what happens in transfer negotiations, no matter how much speculation there is in the local and national press, and I think it is a little unfair to criticise without knowing the full facts. However, I don't mind that much - given the impending return to fitness of one or two of our crocks, the form of Sammy on the right of midfield, and the seeming emergence of Bastians, Thornhill and Sinclair, and we may not have too much to worry about, African Nations' Cup notwithstanding.

Of course, while I have been writing this, Grant has got himself sent off, so will be suspended for a match. Doh!

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