31 October, 2007

Lennon Gone?

I have always thought that defensive midfield is the most important position on the pitch. Break up the opposition play, turn defence into attack with a pass to a player in space. The lack of one is why Paul 'Evo' Evans made such an impact when he first joined (shame he couldn't keep it up). I was excited when we signed Gary Holt (shame he couldn't run, tackle or pass). Even more excited when we signed Neil Lennon.

But there are a number of rumours doing the rounds that he has gone back to Scotland. Depression? Unable to settle in Nottingham? A coaching role at Fester? Breckin returning and becoming captain? A bust-up with CC? Or a back strain, as the club has said?

"It's Baggio", on the LTLF forum posted the following quotes from the NEP and Guardian (no links however):

Mystery surrounds the future of Forest star Neil Lennon after the club today refused to confirm or deny rumours he has walked out ... The official explanation for his absence was a back strain, with manager Colin Calderwood warning that he was already a doubt for the weekend visit of Tranmere ... But the ex-Leicester and Celtic player is said to have made his frustration clear after the weekend's dour defeat at Luton and had apparently become disenchanted with life at the club.


Neil Lennon, 36, is on the verge of quitting Nottingham Forest and returning to Scotland four months after joining the club from Celtic. The former Northern Ireland midfielder missed last night's game against Oldham Athletic at the City Ground and was heading back to Glasgow for urgent talks with his representatives.


As for those who say he isn't needed ... do you not watch football? It's not all attack, attack, attack. Just ask Kevin Keegan.


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