25 October, 2007

Oh no he's back

Whoops! I think BBC Nottingham missed the "former" from this news item - put me back in time by about two years and left me in a cold sweat:

Megson leaves Leicester (updated 08.34, 25/10)

Forest boss Gary Megson is expected to become the new Bolton manager after leaving Leicester City yesterday. He should take charge of the club in time for their premier league match against Aston Villa on Sunday. Given that he only took over at Leicester six weeks ago, their chairman Milan Mandaric says his exit is a big shock.

Catching a snippet of 606 last night, it seems as though Bolton fans are in despair and the bin robbers are pleased that Megson is gone (results OK but no creativity and dull football - sound familiar?), while still annoyed at having to find a sixth manager since Milan took over...

1 comment:

Baz said...

Bolton fans don't have to worry about entertainment - it may not be on the pitch but Megson versus Anelka and Diouf won't disappoint


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